Chal Mohan Ranga Movie Review

By | April 5, 2018

Chal Mohan Ranga Movie Review

Chal Mohan Ranga Movie Review Rating

Young Star Nithin new film Chal Mohan Ranga movie hits the theatres today and Nithin and his fans are eagerly waiting for the movie, Previous movie was disappointed by Nithin. Now he is coming with pure love story and the movie trailers also received good response from all audience. Chal Mohan Ranga movie directed by Krishna Chaitanya and movie produced by Sudhakar Reddy, Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas, the movie story was given by sensational director Trivikram Srinivas. Now we will go to the review of Chal Mohan Ranga.

Nithin character named as Mohan Ranga and Megha character named as Mega Akash. This romantic drama will run by this two characters, the story is Mohan Ranga childhood crush is Mega Akash and in childhood they will seperate suddenly for some reasons, and Mega Akash will go and settled in US. Mohan Ranga is from middle family, so he tries very hard to reach his crush Mega Akash and finally he will go to US and Mohan Ranga will try to fall in love with Mega.

Even Mega Akash has feelings with Mohan Ranga, but for some reasons Mega Akash will return to India and the rest of the story is how Mohan Ranga meets Megha and how he falls in his love.

Good in Movie
Undoubtedly Nithin is main asset for this film, almost all movie will be runs on his shoulder and his performance also very good. As looks wise Nithin looking very handsome and Nithin comedy scenes also worked out well, emotion scenes carried by Nithin is best part in the movie.

Megha Akash is good with her role and the love track and comedy scenes between Nithin and Megha Akash is very good. Dialogues between them is quite good and the pair is looking very good at on screen. Overall good is comedy scenes are good and some scenes between Nithin, Rao Ramesh has comes out well.

Negatives in Movie

The movie first half is good and the emotion, comedy scenes and love track has worked out well, but when it comes to second half the movie has dragged. And the movie story is routine which we watched in many movies and unwanted scenes will irritate the audience in second half. Nithin and Megha Akash pair is good for looking but chemistry wise they failed to create the impact in on screen.

Final Verdict

Nithin gives his best performance in this movie and Chal Mohan Ranga movie songs comedy scenes are good. Chal Mohan Ranga is another routine love story film with some good episodes.

Rating by NewsGlint –3/5