Gooogle Stops Thier URL Shortener

By | March 31, 2018

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Google has announced that the link shortener in will not work from today. Google was first introduced that link shortener in, Here the users can short their long URL’s and it will support for any type of websites. Google provide this service free to the users in all over the world, was launched in 2009 December and the website was available for users on September 2010.

Users has must need google account to short their link from the If user has logged in to the and started link shortener means users can see every details of the link including the traffic and clicks for the particular links. Once user can shortener the link means the link will work long time.

Now Google announced that they are not accepting new URL shortener from 13 April 2018 and the users has to use the application like Fire base Dynamic Links (FDL) or other popular websites like and Bitly to short the URL’s. Firebase Dynamic Links is most popular and best website to short the URL’s and the links will work in any location in all world.

Michael Hermanto, Software Engineer, Firebase, wrote in a blog post on Saturday “From this 13 April 2018 the new users cannot able to create a new account in and short their URL’s, the previous users links will work at one year 30 March 2019”. Users who has existing accounts they can use their short links one year from now. And all the features will work like previously, but this time was given because user important links can change into other websites like FDL, and Bitly.