Jio Prime Membership Extended Free For Next One Year

By | April 2, 2018

Reliance Jio is leading company in mobile network, Now Jio comes with new offer for the customers. As of now customers who are in Reliance Jio Prime Membership it was extended to one more year without taking any money. It’s a free to Prime Membership Customers.

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Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is the full name of Jio company and this Jio is a head of Reliance Industries. This is India’s one of largest telecom services, RJIL has certified the telecommunication service. In India RJIL takes the some of major cities places to provide the MHz for 4G Internet users. Now Reliance Jio is one of the best offers provider in mobile telecom services. The Jio plans which is very low while comparing to other networks plans and the network is also available all over in India. RJIL provides wireless 4G Services for who are using LTE technology. RJIL was planned to give the fastest internet to the users and the connectivity of networks and other fields called financial, education, economy major sectors RJIL providing good services to their customers. RJIL handling high quality voice calls and fast data connections. Reliance Jio internet cables will comes by Bay of Bengal Gateway System. Jio has more than 80,000 cell towers across the country in the year of 2014, they has some of agreements with Ascend Telecom, Tower Vision, ATC India and Viom Networks.

At first of Jio gives free data for six months to new customers with this offer Jio Company has increased the users, now it is top company in mobile networks with in the time of one year Jio has stands at first place in customers lists. Reliance Jio company officially launched in September 5, 2016 and with one month Jio has announced that they acquired 15 million customers in India.

How to Use One Year free Membership in Jio

Jio users already knows that MyJio application in their smartphones. If it’s not there in your smartphones download MyJio application from Google Play Store. Now open the MyJio application with the Jio sim data and it will redirect to your dashboard, if not means login with your Jio Id. After logining at the top of your mobile screen red banner will be scrolling just click on that banner and wait for load that page. And then it show like “Congratulations! Your Jio Prime Extend for One year, Free” and just click on that text it will take to next page and the second page will show like ‘Get Now’ banner click on that banner. So that’s it your Jio Prime Memebership will be extend for next one year for free.