MobiKwik Announce Partnership with Microsoft For Payments

By | April 3, 2018

Microsoft News

MobiKwik announced they are going to partner with Microsoft to start payment via online, On Tuesday MobiKwik announced that Microsoft accepted the request to be partner with MobiKwik for starting the Digital Payments Service. This new feature will come with old application named as Microsoft Kaizala, Kaizala is mobile application developed by Microsoft and this application helps to connect with customers, vendors, employees and it’s works wherever in the world. Microsoft Kaizala Application specially designed for communication in groups and manageme the work, With Kaizala application user can able to easily track the tasks and share the work with thier co-workers.

For the first time Microsoft agrees to associate with MobiKwik for Digital Service of Payments, this feature will work for only Microsoft Kaizala application users.

MobiKwik feature will available in latest version of Microsoft Kaizala application, and use of this new feature is users and can connect with Person to Person or Person to Merchant and send the transactions by using MibiKwik wallet balance, and also users can create a groups and the person’s in that who are involved in that particular transaction and send the payment with a single clixk. So it will saves lot of time and the work will be complete very fast.

MobiKwik CEO and founder has announced to media that “This feature will use for who are all doing online money transactions, and the Person will connect with Person or Person can able to connect with merchant’s also. In this Digital Payment Services users can transact payments to companies and government it is very useful for the Indian users”.

Microsoft Kaizala application will work in low network connection also so that user can fastly completes their transactions. MobiKwik is very confident about this deal with Microsoft and they are expecting a positive response from the Kaizala applications users.