NCERT Books QR Codes

By | April 1, 2018

Human Resource Development Minister

Human Resource Development HRD minister announced to media that NCERT books from now will come with QR codes. This will start from the 2019 and it will use to educate the students about the online technology for studies, with this QR codes student can read the extra additional syllabus in internet, watch the film about the subjects and student can develop their knowledge through online.

QR code is full name of Quick Response Code, the code will be look like black and white dots. The use of QR code is whatever products or any things can have a QR code means without entering the details of product or any other we can able to see the details of that particular product. It’s a trademark of Matrix Barcode, this QR code frist designed and used in Japan country for the automation industries. The QR code will scan by cameras and red light. It is one of best security to secure the information of products, in india its launched by Reserve Bank with the name of Bharat QR.

HRD minister Prakash Javdekar said that Indian government has signed Rs 6,600 crore for Indian Education Loans. From this year students has avail for this loans with the minimum rules to take the loans, 2017 to 2020 this loan will be avail for the students and in future if it’s not enough means the Human Resource Development department will sanction the extra amount to the students.

NCERT test books and any other type of NCERT book will come with the QR codes, by using the QR code student can read the syllabus and extra information of the subjects through the Internet.

Indian Education Scheme for Loan

As per Javadekar announced to media that Indian Government has sanctioned the new scheme for Indian students that education loan will gives for family who are earning less than 4 Lakh for that student can take a loan up to 6 Lakh. Before Indian government has spends nearly Rs 850 crores every year, from now government will spending up to Rs 1800 crores it is nearly increased 100 percent.